Augusta Track is a new concept and the easiest way to explain it is with pictures.

Simple Circle
Below is a simple 6ft circle with a total of over 30 feet of track . It uses four 90 deg curves and only only take about 15 minutes to set up.

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Large Oval
These are some larger floor layouts using curves and straights. It takes less than an hour to build and you can easily run 50 car trains.
LargeOval2Backyard Layout

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Trains Outdoor
We can even build a layout on grass gravel or any other uneven surface using adjustable tripods. The foam is stiff enough to span over 2 feet between supports.

Grass tripod

Complex Layous
These are large layouts with hundreds of feet of track and switches. A bus wire for each track means that there are no slow spots on the layout. Using taller tripos you can even build multiple levels of tracks or even helixes .

TrainShows Helix 3D Large


You can see us monthly at the Great Midwest Train Show: Every month we have a different layout. Click on the picture above to see the pictures.




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A new twist on modular train tracks!